I guess it had to end eventually…

We got up early the next morning and headed back to the airport for home.  Vermont was beautiful.  I wish we had had more time to explore but we had a wonderful time.  Our flights home were easy.

We spent the first flight just talking… like for real!  The whole way we just talked and talked.  I guess it was a little like a debriefing.  LOL

These are photos from the plane.  The flooding around Kansas City is so sad.  I can’t imagine how devasting this is for all the farmers!  I know it’s like this all over the midwest.

While we were gone DH received word that his Granddad was very ill and by the time we got home they had moved him home in Hospice care, so DH left the next morning to go visit him and was with him when he passed.  Yes, we crashed back into real life instantaneously, but I’m so glad DH was able to get there in time to spend these last hours with him.  He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.  Please keep them in your prayers.

While DH was driving out there, DS and DDIL were driving to our home to drop off the granddogs!  We are dogsitting while they go on vacation to visit DDIL’s family in Okinawa, where her mom is a teacher.

It’s going to be an interesting two weeks in this not so empty nest!

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