Not So Empty Nest

Yep, you read that right!  My nest isn’t nearly as empty this morning and I’m the only human here.  But I’ve got my granddogs with me and we are having a grand time!


Okay, maybe not grand… but I think they like me and that’s grand!

37370040_2294961540518325_6158376769045921792_nOur sweet little Chief passed away almost a year ago.  I miss him terribly.  Everyone is trying to talk me into getting another dog but … one… I’m just not ready… two… I like not having to worry about the dog when we want to travel to the kids.  We took Chief with us everywhere!  I loved that but hated leaving him locked up in the hotel rooms all day while we explored and we couldn’t leave him at a kennel.  He got really sick every time we kenneled him so we gave up on that.  Cost us more in antibiotics than it was worth.

Now with both kids gone so far away, I want to be able to travel freely to see them so… no dog for us yet but we have these two sweet granddogs.  The only issue with them is that one sheds A LOT and it wrecks havoc on my allergies. As I am typing this she is shaking and dog hair is just flying all around her… (picture the Peanuts Pig-Pen with his cloud of dust… only dog hair…)  I think I’m going to have to take some extra meds for a while but it’s worth it.  I love having them here.


DH gets back tonight and they will love having him to play with them.  I’m not nearly as fun as I don’t like rough housing at all.  Oh, I’ll pull on the ropes and such but once they get rough or even worse, slobbery… I’m out!  Yuck!


Tomorrow will be a great test for them… for me and DH too!  We are having our AC replaced.  It’s an all day project… maybe more.  I’m betting there will be a lot noise as they take the old one out and bring in the new one and do all that that entails… I imagine these sweet pups will be going crazy!  It will be quite the day!  Pray for me!


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