Wonderful Wednesday

Count Your Blessings

So many blessings!  So much gratitude!

A wonderful trip last week!  We had so much fun and it was wonderful to celebrate my darling husband and his achievements all week.  What a special time.


Some special time with my darling son and his darling wife.  We loved having them join us for the graduation.  What a special time.


And now I am getting to spend some time with my granddogs!  We are having fun and now DH is home they are enjoying more play time.


Now that we are back home, I’m getting to talk to my girl again!  We talked while we were gone but it’s wasn’t as often and was much more sporadic.  I’ve been getting all caught up on her life the last few days.  I’ve missed her!


The ability to get the new Air Conditioner we need.  We’ve lived in this house for nine years and it’s been miserable in our upstairs every summer for all of those nine years.  Even in the winter, the kids’ rooms have been too cold and this should fix it all!  WooHoo!!

I could go on and on but I think this is a great start for the week.  Gratitude should be expressed every day, not just once a week but these posts keep me on track with it.   So…. what blessings are you counting this week?

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  1. Beautiful pictures with a great amount of gratitude 🤗 for me I’m just grateful for almost everything that happens in every day. There’s always sunshine even in rain 🌈

    Have another wonderful week with loads of gratitude and happiness 😊😊

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