Empty Nester Moms – Unite!

A couple of nights ago, my darling daughter informed me (via text) she was planning a trip to Chicago with a friend.  I gulped, my eyes got big and I said… ok.

This actually sent terror through my heart.  My baby girl, going to Chicago without her dad to protect her??  What kind of crazy talk is that? How is this possible and how can I stop it?

And then I remembered… I can’t.  She’s 20 years old.  She’s an adult.  She recently reminded me of this.  This is the age my darling son came home and said I’m joining the Army and blew my mind and also sent terror through my heart and that day… I swallowed hard and also said… ok.

What is with these kids becoming adults?  Why can’t they just stay little and keep doing what their mothers tell them?  What kind of cruel joke is this that God’s playing?  This whole free will thing, I love it for humanity but come on!  Does it have to include my babies??

Oh, I know, it’s all a part of growing up.  I know it’s just part of life but I don’t have to like it!

Look at these babies! I can’t imagine having to send them off to South Korea…

My poor mom, she has no sympathy for me.  Every time I mention these feelings she says… “Tell me about it!” See, when I moved off, I moved with my military husband to South Korea for 6 months!  I was terrified!  My parents were terrified!  DH was a bit smug.  Lol

I know DD will be fine.  It’s just a day trip.  She is going with a responsible friend.  She is smart.  She has been taught all about security and staying safe by always being aware.  But how are mommas supposed to sleep at night?

Personally… I pray a lot.  Especially when the kids are out.  DS and DDIL left this week for a trip to Okinawa and I prayed their whole way there!  Praying is my go-to activity when I feel out of control and as my kids grow up… I definitely feel out of control!


I’ve got great kids, smart kids and I guess I just have to trust them and God to be with them.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  It’s a learning process.  The first thing to learn is to keep your mouth shut.  So… I’ll just be over here holding my hand over my mouth, smiling and encouraging, and doing a whole lot of praying.

I’ll say it again… this empty nest thing… it isn’t for the faint of the heart.  This whole “kids growing up” thing isn’t either!  But all the mothers before me got through it and so I guess I will too.  Maybe we need a support group… Empty Nester Moms Unite!  Newbies and seasoned alike!  We can learn from one another!  So, yeah!  Empty Nester Moms – Unite!

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  1. I so relate to this. Our oldest turned 21 this week. He goes to college in New York. We live in Chicago. He has yet to figure out that when he uses his cash card and credit card he leaves a trail. I discovered he went to a home ND football game last fall thanks to his paper trail/spending trail. This fall I will have the oldest two in college. I agree, prayer helps!

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    1. It definitely does! After my first’s college years I decided sometimes it’s best just not to look. Lol. They usually end up telling me anyway. 🤣.


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