Our own little bounty

This weekend, we took a trip to the farmer’s market and boy, did we eat good!

We are terrible about not ever getting around to doing stuff.  DH always had school work to do and I always have church work to do so we often just hang out at home.  It’s a very boring life we lead.

This weekend, we worked to make it different!  We got up early and headed out to the local farmer’s market.  Now, this is a dangerous thing to do with DH.  He feels guilty walking by a table and not stopping and buying something.  So we left with a lot more than we intended but we did eat well!

Before we get to our Farmer’s Market table, we did stop at one of our local diners for breakfast.  DD’s favorite place so I had to take photos to send to her.

I love our little town here and our local diners.  We’re all one happy family!  It was one of the waitress’s birthday so someone brought in cupcakes!  They were finishing up decorating them when we got there.

I had to get pictures of them.  The one decorating was an adult student of DD’s when she was teaching a class here before she left and the other is the birthday girl!

Our breakfast was delicious.  I couldn’t decide between the biscuits and gravy and a pancake so I got the biscuits and DH let me nibble on his pancakes.  The best of both worlds!


It was so yummy!  We also spent time wandering around Home Depot and Ace dreaming of the little things we can do in our yard to make it more of “a paradise” as DH always puts it. We didn’t get anything today but spent the time dreaming and talking about what we could do in a few weeks. It’s fun to dream!

Then we ran to get me some yarn for my next project!  I’m so excited about it!


The colors are so pretty and the pattern is working up nicely!  I’m in love already and can’t wait to see it finished!  I really enjoy having a project to work on while we watch TV.

Then we came home and started dinner (after DH got a nap).  Our Farmer’s Market bounty was calling!  This isn’t all of it but here’s a peek of our wonderful bounty.


We also got some zucchini, eggs, jam, and tomatoes.  We had some brats in the freezer we purchased there a few weeks ago and so we had a delightful dinner that was all local (except the pasta) and nutritious too!


Yummy shells and fresh broccoli with the Mediterranean butter and parmesan cheese and an asiago and chive brat with mozzarella.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but my favorite part was the broccoli!

After church this afternoon, we’ll be grilling up the pork chops (also local) and zucchini for another mostly local lunch!  The potatoes I had from another day from the grocery store but I’m really feeling the local farmer’s market!  I need to learn to buy more and put it up for the winter when it’s not open.  I guess I need to look more into this!  Local is the way to go!  So fresh!


I’m so excited!  I just realized that my favorite farm delivers in the winter!!  Yep, I took a moment to go google my favorite farm and WOOHOO!! I can start doing more shopping with them!

What a wonderful Saturday.  I can’t wait to see today brings!  How do you spend your weekends?

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