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20190703_230657Well, it’s been crazy!  We’ve had the dogs and darling son and his lovely wife came to get them and stayed a few days.  I loved having them here!  We had a nice visit and enjoyed the 4th of July together.

Now the house is quiet again.  I’m working this week to get ahead a bit on church stuff while at the same time trying to take a bit of a break.  I’ve been overwhelmed, over-stressed, and just plan over everything!

I decided I needed to slow it down a bit and let some things pause for a bit so that I can refresh my spirit.  I’ve been so spiritually and emotionally tired.  I’ve felt a sort of disconnect or distance lately so, yes, it’s time for a pause, for some refreshment.  It’s time for me to feed MY soul for a bit.

I had all these neat blog post ideas for this month and I’ve fallen behind.  I hope to get to them soon for the remainder of the month!  Till then…

How do refresh?  What do you do when you need to regroup?


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