My nest is empty again… sort of…

We moved DD into her new apartment this weekend. It’s a cute historic apartment in our downtown area. I love that she is so close! We get to see her often and she gets to have her independence and all her belongings that were in storage.

She’s been so excited! We went and bought a new sofa for her yesterday and all was just coming together so very nicely… until she got home from work last night around 9:15pm.

She called me as she always does on her way home and as she was getting out of her car she said, “Mom there’s a man. He’s coming towards me. He’s yelling at me!”

My heart stopped. I said, “Get back in the car! Lock the doors!” (as I ran upstairs to get DH.) He was still coming so she put the car in reverse and started backing out. Thankfully the man moved. She decided she was going to drive around for a while and of course her dad and I decided we were going over there to make sure she got back in the apartment safely. Thank goodness we live 9 minutes down the road.

After her dad walked her in and made sure she was safe, we drove around the neighborhood looking for the man… We found him, we think, throwing clothes he found in a donation bin around, kicking things around in a gas station parking lot.

We are no longer happy with where she is living. DH never was but he was trying to be supportive. We are uncomfortable with it now. Is this going to be a regular occurrence? We think he was just going to ask for money but who approaches a young girl after dark like that?

Sleeping was rough for these parents last night. I called her first thing this morning to check on her. She’s of course being very grown up about it all. “This is where I live, Mom, I’ll have to figure it out.”

I’m ready to move her back home and put her belonging back in storage!!

Last night, she said, “Mom I wish I was a big burly man that people were afraid to approach.” My beautiful daughter was, even if only for a moment, afraid of being a woman.

What a world we live in … I started to say today but it’s always been this way… What a world we live in…

DD’s temporary art gallery

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  1. My daughter took the subway to high school. I live in the middle of a city. I have worried every day. But no matter what you are always going to worry. There are no safety guarantees. And not everyone is just have to be aware of your surroundings.

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    1. Right. We know that, it was just so scary last night. She had her mace in her hand but he was walking right up to her car in her covered parking. She felt trapped. No normal, nice person would walk up to a young woman that late at night, especially after seeing her get back into her car because she felt threatened.

      We’ll put up more lighting and maybe a camera too. She is always aware of her surroundings. Her dad was an intelligence officer who always taught us situational awareness at all times. She’s a smart girl and she did it all right. We are just parents who worry.

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      1. All parents worry. I think we forget that though. We imagine some are safer than others but the reality is there is no guarantee of safety ever. For any child. Or any adult. There is risk in every single thing we do. We just don’t focus on it or we would never be able to function


      2. Exactly. We do always worry. I’m so thankful that now she is closer to us. Having her live in a downtown area several states away was awful the last 2 years! Glad she is closer and we are able to be here to help make things a little safer… at least in our minds. lol

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