A little more yoga in my life…

That title is to be sung… just FYI…

I have tried to sit down many times recently to write, but just keep getting distracted. I’ve got to do better! So right now, I’m tuning out DH to get this down. 😁

Are any of you yoga peeps? I’m an off again, on again kind of yoga person and I’m terrible at it but I do love it. I’m probably more of a wannabe yogi. I’m tight, tied up in knots, REALLY and so most if not ALL of the poses are super difficult for me but I keep trying…

This is the only pose that is fairly easy for me…

Years ago, DD decided she wanted to start taking in person yoga classes, so I went with her for the first month (you got a deal for the first month). I started feeling really good and was really loosening up. I could reach my toes better and with less strain. I can always reach my toes but it was sooo much easier. It was great! But then DD got busy dancing again and … well, I hate doing things a lone and I didn’t know anyone so… I started just using my Gaia app. I do love it. So many choices but I’m not always sure what’s best. So… I’m on again off again at best…

Fast forward to a few days ago. My aches and pains are outta control! The hot flashes and night sweats are keeping me up at night so sleep has been very rare for me. I’ve been exhausted. So the other night when I got up at 1am, I went to my Gaia app and just started looking for something… anything that would be at my beginner level, with the props I already have (a block (just one), a strap, a mat, blankets and some old pillows) and put them on my play list. Some for relaxing before bed, some stretching, some for weight control. Some were walking, some were pilates, some were yoga, some were Qi Gong. I was ready to make a change… then the dog got comfy in my lap and we slept the rest of the night (off and on) in my chair.

The next evening, DH had been complaining of some aches and pains, DD had gone back to her apartment, our movie had just ended and it was still too early for bed so I suggested a PM yoga to wind us down. IT. WAS. ROUGH. We were both so tight the poses were a struggle but we got through them and … well, I slept! In my bed! All night!! (I forgot to mention that I woke up super early the morning before and did a morning wake up yoga.)

I got up yesterday morning and did my yoga too! It was rough but I did it and you know what? (and this is really the point of this WHOLE post) I had NO hot flashes or night sweats and slept really well (for me) and even stayed in bed until after 7:30 sleeping hard as a rock!!

This is HUGE!! What a break thru! I had decided a few days ago that I really do sleep better when I’m exercising regularly and needed to get back to it – walking, yoga, whatever – but it’s been slow for me so this doing yoga twice thing and no more hot flashes and sleeping through the night? WOO HOO!! It’s amazing.

Now, let see if I can keep it up… Who wants to join me?

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