Loving this local empty nest thing…

So, yeah, I am totally loving having an empty nest locally! What I mean is that my nest is empty but DD lives nearby and I love that!!

She was home as we decorated our Christmas tree at home and then yesterday afternoon DH and I went over to her place and helped her decorate her cute apartment. She doesn’t have a lot of decorations and a lot of it is homemade paper decorations but it looks so good!

We listened to music and danced around as we all helped to find the perfect spot for it all. Then DH went out and got us pizza. It was such a fun afternoon and evening.

I love having my kids near by. We’ve not ever lived very near family, it’s usually just been us – our little family – to do the decorating and then the last two years it’s just been DH and me a lone – so this was extra special! and so much fun!

How fun it would be if we could go house to house ours, DD, and DS and DDIL’s too! If only the Army would send them to live nearby… How fun that would be!

an oldie but goodie

For now, I’ll just bask in the nearness of DD while it is so… She still talks of moving away again so I’ll just cherish every minute of her nearness and dream of a future nearness of DS and DDIL. And once this awful virus is under control I’m heading straight to their home for hugs and time in their presence. I love my kids!!! To the moon and back again.

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