Road Trips, COVID, Dissent, OH MY!

Well, it’s been a while… again.  I haven’t been able to write.  Our country has gone crazy and I feel sad, afraid, and mad as all get out! But I haven’t wanted to write about it.  

I’ve also done some traveling.  That’s been fun!  I took DD on a road trip to Texas across to North Carolina and back again.  It was a fun trip.  

We wandered the quaint downtown area of our little town in NC. We visited the bookstore, the soap store, the coffee shop. We even visited the Salt Room!! That was fun and so relaxing! We went hiking, juicing, we played with the dogs and enjoyed visiting with DS and DILove. It was a too quick but fun trip.

Got home and thought I had Covid… didn’t ever test positive so thinking it was my allergies which have been known to be pretty severe BUT as soon a I got home DH found out he had had a very close contact and a few days later he DID test positive… 

I tested again and was still negative so we lived separately in the house for a week or so… Postponed our trip for a few days so that we were following CDC guidelines and then we headed back to North Carolina!  

We had a great time too. DH painted a little mural in our future grandson’s room!  It is so precious! He stripped and painted our son’s old changing table for his son and it turned out GREAT! I helped here and there but DH is the artist! So I encouraged, admired, ooooooed and ahhhhhhed.  I did get to paint those two little stars in the last photo. 😂

It was a fun trip.  We laughed, played, sat out on the porch, visited… it was awesome.

It was while we were there that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade… it definitely put a little damper on things but we tried to continue to have fun.  

We watched 2 of the Jan. 6th hearings while we were there and one on our way home in the car.  I hope every citizen of the United States reading here has been watching the hearings.  They are important.  I honestly believe that it’s our duty to be watching to learn what REALLY happened that day.  I mean most of us watched LIVE but since then some have tried to tell us that it was nothing, just a little protest but that couldn’t be further from the truth and you can see that by watching the hearings.  Those testifying are some who were close to former President Trump, most are Top Republicans who supported him, voted for him and would vote for him again.  These aren’t people who hate him, they are people who wouldn’t break the law for him. 

Anyway, you can find the hearings on YouTube if you haven’t watched them yet.  

Oh, and I didn’t even mention all the shootings… 2+ on the 4th of July!

Sorry, I wasn’t going to go there but here we are.  Anyway, I’m hoping to get to some fun writing soon that I can share here and get back to some regular writing.  Fingers crossed!!  

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