I’m here!

So, I have been remiss in my writing this week… Monday, I had a terrible earache and went to the clinic about it and I have a sinus infection… Yuck.

Ear pain can really knock you down… it can me anyway.  I felt like I was just completely spent.

Tuesday, I went to my acupuncturist and she’s awesome.  She is my people.  She gets me and I just want her to be my doctor!  She listens to me, she understands me, she cares and wants me to feel better and I always do after I see her.  If you don’t have a Dr. Jolie type person in your life, you need to find one ASAP!!!

And now, I’m home from Physical Therapy for my bum shoulder that isn’t as much of a bum anymore but it sure is tired! I think I’m ready to be done with PT but the therapist wants to get to my next measurements to be sure sooo…. at least 3 more visits.

Currently, I’m taking a break to write this and drink a glass of water and then I’m on to baking bread!  I’m feeling like homemade bread this week (I’ve been going to make it since Sunday…) and the time is NOW!!

So… Happy Humpday!  I hope it’s beautiful and peaceful and full of wonder.

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