A day in the life…

I’m really into my homemaking right now.  Yesterday, I crocheted these cute little glasses cases for my mom.  I think they turned out really well.  Just need to add the snap closure.

I had errands, so I didn’t get a lot done house wise.  I got to go see Dr. Jolie again!  If you missed it last month, Dr. Jolie is my acupuncturist and she is my people!  I love my time with her.  I almost always feel heard when I leave her (if I don’t, it’s probably bc I didn’t share what I needed too) and sometimes she probably wishes I was a little less heard. Lol. Anyway, I love me some Dr. Jolie time!!

Then, DH and I had to run an errand and on our way home we stopped for a milkshake and fries.  YUM and FUN!!  We never do stuff like that but it was so fun act like teenagers on a date who are free to eat this and not feel guilty!  And I didn’t feel guilty at all and I still don’t.  

DH had to work last night, from home in a teleconference, so I had planned on reading my library book… but I fell down the stairs before his meeting barely started… and after that reading was hard… couldn’t concentrate…

I’m fine just a little bruised, sore, and shaken.  I feel like I undid my visit with Dr. Jolie in those few seconds it took me to reach the bottom of those 6 stairs (7 if you count the floor where I landed).  So I have a call into the chiropractor…I feel so jolted and … not sure how to describe it but since my first, or well, second thought was “I need a chiropractor” that’s in my plan for today.🤞 Fingers crossed I can get in today.

Anyway, I’m also hoping to make some English Muffin bread today.  It’s one of my favorites and I woke up thinking about it so, yeah, that too is in my plan.

I have a yummy dinner planned as well. Today is the day DD is home and I always try to make something special, I may even make a special lunch.   

Big plans for a day when I am recovering from a fall.  Lol. We will see if I make it to it all. 

Y’all, have a wonder-filled day!

Until next time… ♥️ 

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