Top Priority

So, I’m doing things a little differently.  Making small changes here and there to help improve my health. It’s another journey for me and it is a top priority.

I have started with a health coach, a registered dietician and nutritionist.  I am trying out a CSA nearby and working to eat more locally and in season.  I’m setting attainable goals for myself that have nothing to do with how I look, or numbers on the scale or tape and everything to do with how I FEEL.  I’m totally a work in progress on this… but I’m working and that’s awesome.

Today was our first pick-up for our CSA and I’m so excited!! I’ve never done anything like this before. DD and I are splitting it (3 ways) and we are hoping having someone else grow and choose our veggies and fruits will help me expand my culinary and dietary horizons.   Here is this week’s bounty.  Isn’t it beautiful?

The only item that is completely new to me is the turnip.  Well, it’s not completely new but I’ve not cooked with it before myself.  I also don’t usually eat pears but this week I’m going to learn to!  

I’ve already had an apple and it was delicious and tonights dinner features the broccoli, cucumbers and onion. (Not all in the same dish.) 

This morning, I met with my health coach and I just love her.  She makes me want to do right for myself.  Eating a diverse array of foods and moving my body more.  I’m so glad I decided to do this for myself. I am finally making my health a priority. 

Exciting stuff and I can’t wait to see myself succeed in this!!  I am going far on this journey!

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