De-stressing gets me more stress…

So remember yesterday’s post? I talked about how I was feeling all tied in knots with stress and how I needed to destress? Yeah, well, what did that get me? This.

Yep. This DD’s car. She was on her way to work when she called saying, “I think something is wrong.” She was on an old country road that gets lots of traffic so it took her a while to get to where it was safe to pull over.

I am so very grateful she was safe and not too far away for me to get to her. I was there just about 15 minutes after her. We have roadside assistance so the insurance took care of everything but… This kind of thing only happens when DH is out of town…

Thank goodness for my YIN Yoga this morning. But I can’t help but think, “Really God?” but then I quickly changed it to “Thank you, God… for protecting my girl.”

Now that she has my car and is at work and I’m back home… all I want to do is sit and cry. I know it’s nothing to cry over but I will say it’s really a bit disconcerting that right when I finally recognize the stress that is overwhelming my mind and body, this happens… more stress…

I feel like my day is pretty well shot but that’s only if I let it be. So…

Let’s turn this stress around and count my blessings instead…

  • Darling Daughter is safe.
  • We have roadside assistance with our insurance.
  • It was only the tire.
  • The gentleman who came to put the spare on for us was very nice.
  • DD is safe.

Lol. I had a whole other post in my head this morning that I wanted to share but I think it will wait for another day. For now, I think I’ll go light some candles, turn on my ocean sounds and mediate/nap… Namaste.

This is actually what I look today, except my shirt is blue.

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